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SVG Legal offers a variety of private investigation, corporate investigation, and forensic services. These services include, but are not limited, the following:

Theft and fraud in your company

Employee theft needs to be addressed in an impartial way to ensure the guilty parties are removed from your company without contravening any employment laws that could result in additional expenses. SVG Legal can assist you in conducting independent investigations for theft and fraud through a combination of computer forensic analysis and document analysis, in addition to various forms of surveillance.

Missing Persons

SVG Legal can assist you in locating missing people, reuniting with friends or family members, locating beneficiaries of deceased estates, locating debtors, and more.

Family investigations

Often the input from a private investigation can provide the necessary information to sway the court’s recommendation in a child custody case.

Vehicle and personal tracking

SVG Legal’s covert surveillance agents can provide GPS vehicle tracking, as well as undercover surveillance to track an individual’s actions.

Lie detection

A polygraph, or lie detector test, is a procedure that assesses and records several physiological indicators of a person in response to a series of questions. These indicators include blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity. While the results are not absolutely conclusive, it does provide a reasonable indication of a person’s sincerity.

Lifestyle investigations

Background checks are crucial to familiarise yourself with the past lifestyle behaviour of an individual. SVG Legal’s comprehensive background report on potential employees or other individuals include, among other things:

  • Criminal search

  • Identity number

  • Motor vehicle records search

  • Education verification

  • Employment verification


SVG Legal’s highly skilled teams can conduct covert surveillance investigations with a detailed report of what was observed. If necessary, photographic evidence can also be collected and supplied.

Cheating partner

SVG Legal’s private detectives will investigate suspicions of a cheating spouse on your behalf through our discreet and professional team that specialises in infidelity investigations.

There’s more to trust than blind faith and when that trust is compromised, Life as you know it can change, you have a right to know if your spouse is cheating on you. We make use of sophisticated equipment and techniques to unveil the truth.

Lazy Rep investigations/surveillance

We at SVG Legal can assist you in any type of surveillance, including inconspicuous monitoring of staff that may be guilty of fraud through time rather than tangible assets.


  • Identity theft investigation

  • Cyber forensics

  • Copyright infringement

  • Industrial espionage

  • Piracy

  • Sexual harassment

  • Theft of intellectual property

  • Blackmail

  • Syndicate infiltration

  • Destruction of information

  • Illegal duplication of software

  • Unauthorised use of a computer

  • Sweeping for hidden cameras and bugs

  • Supply of spy cameras

  • Murder investigations

  • Tender investigations

  • Aviation investigations

For more information and to find out how we can assist you, get in touch with SVG Legal today.

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